PISCINE BENACO costruisce piscine chiavi in mano, dallo scavo alla sistemazione del terreno, per privati, alberghi, comuni, campeggi, centri natatori e residence.

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The best brands of pool products and
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We offer complete services and a wide selection of pool products and accessories to make your little corner of paradise safe and comfortable.


Pool shapes, colours, types and products to suit your needs

PISCINE BENACO has been a well-established company in the pool and wellness tub construction sector for more than 40 years. Thanks to an extensive network of external collaborations with trusted designers, the Piscine Benaco team is able to offer a turnkey service, including pool design, installation and maintenance, as well as the supply of accessories and pool products.

Trusting in the multi-decade experience and skill of Piscine Benaco means having a qualified partner that knows how to offer professional consultations on all aspects of a pool: from the choice of shape and finishing colour, to the performance of the materials of the sanitary system, all the way through completion of the necessary authorisations.



We take care of everything, from installation to supply of pool products.

  • Professional materials and machinery.
    We use cutting-edge machinery for the laying and installation of outdoor and indoor pools and for spas and wellness centres. Only the best materials for the finishings and sanitary system parts, as well as pool products from market-leading brands, are used to create the most varied shaped and sized pools, ideal for private or public settings, including hospitality structures.
  • Qualified Personnel.
    We have an in-house team of professional and trustworthy workers with proven experience and skill. For particular jobs, such as excavation, we have long-term close collaborations with construction companies of the area, equipped with the necessary know-how to complement the company in all of the required tasks.
  • New pool systems, conservation and aesthetics.
    We create the sanitary systems necessary for the proper function of your pool, whether indoor or outdoor. We also perform renovations, regulatory code upgrades and routine and extraordinary maintenance.
  • Site visits and cost estimates.
    PISCINE BENACO offers thorough technical and aesthetic consultation that includes meticulous site visits, drafting of detailed cost estimates and provision of all the best solutions to guarantee the maximum client satisfaction in the use of their new pool.
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Products for pool cleaning and maintenance

The maintenance, cleaning and technical assistance services are performed by PISCINE BENACO in-house personnel, ensuring maximum availability and flexibility. We are particularly specialised in consultations with client to find the best solutions for pool, hydromassage tub and spa pool water treatment: from salt sterilisation to ozone sanitisation and bromine disinfection.

PISCINE BENACO features an ample warehouse with a wide assortment of the best brands of pool products, always available and fully certified. At the PISCINE BENACO headquarters, located in Sirmione on Lago di Garda, you can find products for pool disinfection and cleaning, useful accessories such as hydraulic and mechanical robots, as well as water analysis products and solutions for the sanitisation of foot wash baths.

Let’s have a coffee and talk about your dream.